Remote user Testing – Experiences and Trends

The purpose of the workshop is to assess the latest trends within remote testing with users participating. In particular, to record and review the present state-of-the-art of methods and tools and assess the experiences gained during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will seek to answer the following questions:

What new experiences have the COVID-19 pandemic brought with regard to remote testing?

Has the increased focus on remote work during the pandemic also brought new requirements, strategies or methods to the field of remote testing – and do you see any that will be adopted after the pandemic ends?

– Are existing platforms and tools sufficient for the future demands?

– How can remote testing evolve from software to physical products?

– How can unsupervised remote testing provide qualitative insights to a higher degree than now?

– Does remote testing cater sufficiently for user groups with special needs?

– Here we are including children, persons with physical or cognitive impairments, the elderly, or those not comfortable with the digital solutions surrounding us.

The workshop invites contributions sharing remote testing experiences as well as position papers bringing up a particular issue or focus. Contributions from industry are particularly welcome. The workshop layout will be a mix of presentations from participants and group and plenary discussions. Contributions can be in the form of a paper, or a one-page abstract state of interests. It is also possible to participate without submitting a contribution.

Although we encourage you to participate in the full Interact 2021 conference, it is possible to sign up for only the workshop, either with physical presence or virtually. See the participation and submission instructions here.

The papers (and other materials) presented at the workshop is available here from August 15. Access requires a password and is restricted to workshop participants.